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How to Change the Logon Screen in Vista
This will show you how to change the Logon Screen background image to whatever image you want it to be in Vista.
How to Change the Logon Screen in Vista

information   Information
The Logon screen is the screen that shows the accounts on your computer when you are logging on. This consists of the Welcome, Shutdown, Lock Computer, Switch User, Logon, and Logoff screens. The Logon screens are saved as a .logonvista file.

Tip   Tip
For free LogonStudio screens to download, see: WinCustomize: Explore : LogonStudio

EXAMPLE: Default Logon Screen

Here's How:
1. Download and save the free Stardock LogonStudio program..
2. Install the program.​
3. Click on the LogonStudio shortcut to run. (See screenshot below)​
4. Click on Continue in the UAC Prompt. The main window will now open. (See screenshot below)​

NOTE: See screenshot above. Click on these buttons to the left to do the action described.
5. Load - To load a logon image you already created from step 7 below or downloaded from step 6 below. (See screenshot below)​
A) Navigate to the location of the saved file.​
B) Select it and click on Open.​
C) Go to step 10.​

6. Download - To download a logon image file from: WinCustomize: Explore : LogonStudio
7. Create - To create a logon image file from any size .jpg, .png, or .bmp file you want.​
NOTE: If the image you use is to small it may be distored.
A) Type in a name for the logon image file. (See screenshot below)​
B) Click on Browse.​

C) Navigate to the location of the .jpg, .png, or .bmp file. (See screenshot below)​
D) Select it and click on Open.​

E) Click on Save to add it to the main display window. (See screenshot below)​
NOTE: By default, the logon screens are saved in the hidden system folder C:\ProgramData\Stardock\LogonStudio Vista.

F) Go to step 10.​

8. Upload - This takes you to the same website from step 6 above, except you can register and upload a logon screen you created for everyone else to be able to download and use.​
9. About - Tells you the about information for LogonStudio. (See screenshot below)​

After you Loaded or Created a logon file Options:
NOTE: This will now have the logon file in the display window. EX: My Alien avatar (See screenshot below)
10. Save - To save the selected logon file to where you want it.​
11. Apply - To change the logon screen to what you have selected.​
NOTE: When you click Apply, you will be taken to the logon screen with your new screen where you will need to log back on. You will be taken back to where you left off after you logon.
12. Delete - To delete a selected logon file.​
A) Click on Yes for the confirmation prompt.​

That's it,

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