Loguitech Caps lock gadget not working.

All of a sudden the Logitech Caps lock gadget for my my vista( 32 bit ) sidebar doesn't work at all , no lights come on for caps/numbers /scroll locks. The sound/vision for set point works OK but not on the side bar. I have tried downloading it directly from Logitech and also from Windows sidebar gadgets but no avail. I have checked that my setpoint is up to date etc but still it won't work, Grateful for any help and suggestions.

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  • CPU
    Intel Pentium Dual core 2.2GHz
    RAM 4 GB
    Hard Drives
    250 GB C: drive
    Maxtor one touch 111 external HD 250GB
    Logitech Wireless
    Logitech Wireless
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    Broadband (don't know speed!)