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Lost right mouse click function menu for Start button


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I've been running Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 since last summer.

Today, I used a file comparison program to check the contents of a data hard drive with a copy of it's contents in a folder on another data drive.

After running HDCS Heatsoft(the comparison program) I do not get a menu popping up when I right click on the start button. Right clicking other objects are fine but the start menu seems to have lost the right click menu.

Right clicking the task bar is ok, and a left click on the start menu is ok.
Rebooting did not help.

It's quite possible that I may have screwed something up by changing ownership on folders so I could look at where data is stored but the problems seems to have shown up after running the utility

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Would rather not restore a system save if I can avoid it.


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I suggest you do System Restore; be sure to select a restore point made before you installed the software and messed around with the Windows Users permissions. See if that resolves you problem.

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