Mail merge (word 2007) will not do labels correctly.


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I am having a problem in getting a successful mail merge to print some
labels usng Excel as a data source on a 3 column, 10 row sheet under Office
2007/Vista. (Avery 8160 labels)
When doing the merge, only the first row of labels gets completed.
I have used the same Excel data under XP without problem.
I have tried doing it manually and using the 'wizard' but have failed
miserably - any thoughts please as to whether its me or a glitch somewhere?
(The Excel sheet and mail merge works well on my
laptop under XP Pro and
Office XP)
From what I have read this is common. Any hints on how to fix this issue?

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Have EXACTLY the same problem.

Strangely, it happens only on my desktop, but not on the laptop w/c has the same configuration.

Don't understand this as a year ago, it was working perfectly well.

Labels are Avery 5160. 3 columns, just like above, and it only prints the first row, and then arbitrarily some records scattered through the rest of the merge.


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Hey Wish,

I sat on the phone with a microsoft tech for four hours over a period of two days, and finally they came to a conclusion that it was a glitch in the HP TouchSmart IQ5000 series computer. Now the merge works until I get to the fourth step on LABELS where I have to go from my wireless keyboard to the touchscreen keyboard to finish the merge. It works, but is an added step.

The only thing I can tell you is to call microsoft and speak with one of their techs. They will connect up to your computer with you and work until they have an answer. They kept calling ME back until it was workable.

Good luck. Still better than a Mac if you ask me!

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