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Major Overheating Problem


I'm typing this from my desktop computer. I own a Vista with a major problem. It overheats badly. It randomly shuts down every 5-10 minutes. I know that this is due to overheating. A couple seconds after I turn the laptop on, the keys become too hot to touch. I know that loads of dust are clogging up the internals, and that the Vista needs to be cleaned out.

Now I know what you're all thinking, "Disassemble it and use a can of compressed air, blah, blah, blah". That's where the problem comes in.

My Vista was manufactured under the assumption that nothing bad would happen. It's impossible to disassemble. This was intentional. Unscrewing all the visible bolts under the computer does nothing. It even says this in the User's Manual. The air vents are very thin. You couldn't stick a thumbtack in there. If I can't disassemble it, then surely there is no way to clean the innards. I brought the laptop to a Best Buy store. They told me this. They informed me that there is nothing that they could do because of the design of this Vista.

If you have some idea, please help. A week ago this problem was nonexistent. I have some really important documents saved in that Vista.

ALSO: I have no idea why the area under my name says that. I have a 64bit Vista, not a 32.

Yard Dog

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Hello, you failed to mention make and model of the computer in question . Laptop with Vista is all i see you posted .


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If you can't open it, it's gonna be hard.

I suggest usin g compressed air and a vacumm. Blow air in the out, and suck out at the in.