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Solved Malware and disk drive partition

Hi all, this will be an easy one for those in the know

1.......Cause..... Had some malware (don't know what flavour) ..removed with Malwarebytes.

2...... Everything seems to be operating normally


3...... Logical drive D:. when this partition is viewed from either explorer or the command prompt no files are listed. However the disk usage, disk size and bytes free, are consistent with all the files being present.

4...... When a selective scan is performed on the partition with either Malwayebytes or AVG free all the files are found and appear as normal whilst being checked.

In Summary, I cant access the files on my D: drive but they all appear to be there.

I suspect that the malware has messed with the registry.

I am sure there is no problem with the partition

Thanks Folks
Thanks Richard, but this is not an option for me as I have done a fair bit since this happened.
Could explorer be corrupted ?. ie pointing at an invalid register entry ?



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Did you know that System Restore does not change personal stuff? Pics, documents etc will not change.
This sounds like it may be a registry problem and System Restore is the betst, if not only, way to go. There is no way to fix a problem memory, unless you have exptertise in that area.

You can try to see if reuva finds the documents

If you DO have the restore points, but rather not use them THIS is the BEST way to go
Many Thanks, will check that out. This stuff is a long way removed from my day before PC's when I used to debug stuff in Hex, use an oscilloscope and write a few routines in 8088 assembler (Now my age is showing :-( )