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Malware Frustration

hello, I recently had the HDD S.M.A.R.T virus attack my computer. I can usually figure out how to deal with **** like this, however this has been the most frustrating thing ever. This virus hides all my programs, ok I figured that one out by dl'ing some program that unhides them. Now I look for Malwarebytes, it says "(empty)", wtf? I googled a bit, didn't really find anything so I tried a different to install a new anti-malware program. It installed to 100% then says "access denied". I tried this with MWB too and I get the same thing. It goes to 100% then bugs out with the same thing. Running in administrator doesn't make a difference, running in safe mode doesn't make a difference. Oh, while I'm here. This virus redirects any link I click on in firefox through a proxy. I went into tools->security and unchecked the proxy box, but its still happening so I have to use a different computer to navigate google.

-Unhiding program files show programs as (empty)
-Can't fully install anything, gets to 100% then "access denied"