Solved MBAM Malicious Website Protection Disabled


I had a pop-up message from MBAM when I logged on that said my Malicious website rrotection was disabled. There's a green box that says "Fix Now" but nothing happens when I click on the box. Help please.


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Did you you try option 5) reinstall mbam ?

If you are receiving a message inside the MBAM program that Malicious Website Protection is disabled please do the following to correct the issue.

  1. On the Dashboard click "Update now" to get the latest database version
  2. Right click the Malwarebytes tray icon and click "Exit"
  3. Restart the Malwarebytes application from the programs menu or desktop shortcut.
  4. In most cases this resolves the issue, however if the issue still persists, reboot the computer and the issue should be resolved.
  5. If the above procedures still do not correct the issue for you then please download the MBAM installer and reinstall the program which will fix the issue for you.


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All I did was update,
Click on the solution button
Shut down then I was up and running.