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Solved Media Center Guide Not Downloading

In the last week our guide stopped downloading. We have Vista Ultimate x64. Our harddrived died and we had to purchase a new one and reinstall Vista. Once we set up the Media Center it had been working fine and we had all of the guide data available. Then 1 week ago we started getting the message Low Guide Data. We went through the Guide Setup procedures again and checked the internet connection. The media center icon in the tray will periodically say "Connecting to the Internet to download guide data." On occasion it will say Guide Downloading - 0% complete. But it never actually downloads and now we have no guide data on any channel.

Any help is appreciated.

Our fix to this was to rename the c:\\ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome folder to eHome_old, re-boot and run the Media Center Set up again.
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It does that to me from time to time then it goes away and i can download the guide. I dont know why this happens though. Im using a USB TV Tuner and use Windows Media Center. Cheers