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Microsoft BDA driver


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Hi. I've bought a usb DVB-T; The relative CD driver contains 2 folder: 32 & 64. I was able to install the device on Vista32; On Vista64 before I've got the message "Driver not signed...", I 've continued but at the end I've got the message: "Driver corrupted...".
I've read on the manual that it supports Microsoft BDA drivers. Excellent, but where can I find they ? (64bit)

Windows Device Name: CE6230 Standalone Driver (BDA)

Please help me :cry:

Thank you

Best Regards

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the reason is 64bit versions of windows enforce driver signing so that you dont get as many crappy drivers made for another version of windows running, and causing bluescreens and making windows look bad. what you need to do is disable driver signature enforcement. Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b - NGOHQ.com that program will let you permanently enable test mode which allows unsigned drivers to be loaded. Also, would you be able to send me those 64bit drivers?

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