Microsoft Flight Simulator X


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Hello all

I had problems installing this program until I downloaded new drivers... then it worked fine.

I have purchased the Pro Flight Yoke System and I don't have a clue what to do with all of these controls.
I mean is there a model to follow how most flight sim junkies program these controls?
In addition...
Is it just me or is every rookie 'white knuckled' attempting to control this simulator with the yoke?
My fingers are numb after I fly a mission... and sometimes lucky enough to land.

Also, getting to know where I am in relation to the runway is another frustration, let alone landing.

Sure to be not alone in the beginning attempts at a new diversion.

On another note--In speaking with a PC tech today he mentioned that Microsoft is scrapping Vista.
Too many problems.
I don't like it. In my opion XP was much better.

If Microsoft does let it go, does anyone think they will send the new program to all duped Vista users?

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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