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Microsoft: No IE 8 tab-hang fix in the works

Back in May, the Internet Explorer (IE) team left open the possibility that Microsoft might deliver a tab-responsiveness update for those of us suffering from IE 8 tab-performance issues.
Alas, that update isn’t going to happen. Based on feedback from Windows 7 testers, Microsoft has scotched the idea. Not only is there no tab-hang reporting functionality for the IE 8 release that is built into Windows 7, but there won’t be any for us IE 8 users running Windows XP or Vista, either.
I asked Microsoft officials whether there might be some relief in sight for those of us who continue to have our well-isolated IE 8 tabs whir endlessly and never actually open a given site. This has been a continuing problem for me on my ThinkPad X60 with 1 GB of RAM running XP — in spite of my following Microsoft’s advice to prune my IE add-ons. Regularly, my IE 8 performance degrades by the end of a day of browsing to the point that I stop running it and switch over to Firefox or Chrome

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you should just stick with firefox and chrome. tabs are far better in both of them, although, i recommend to use firefox. you could get an internet explorer theme add-on to make it feel more at home.


Power User
Microsoft will soon lose the browser wars. You can't stop Firefox - even Chrome can't stand up to it. The only reason MS is still in is because IE comes ready with the most popular OS. But when the small group (relatively speaking) of MS developers tries to out-develop the entire open source community known as Mozilla - well, let's just say they don't stand much of a chance. Firefox is only gaining momentum, and companies and developers should learn from open source, not fight it. But then, what can you expect from people who only know to make money by selling their products for money...