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Microsofts new ad campaign.


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Microsoft aired the first ad in it's $300 million+ campaign to give the company's image a much needed makeover.


The only thing that ad will do to the company's image is show they know how to waste money on crap ads :rolleyes:

Sorry guys but I think that ad ageny seen you coming.​


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I think this is a Kewl add :D
Its not overdone and it doesnt have all that crap advertisment JAZZ in it :D
Plain and Simple, The way a Advert should be

My 2c


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I think you should rename this thread:

"Microsoft launches new era of cake based computing"

I think this is the funniest microsoft commercial ever!
Everlong.Did bits of the Gates video remind you of David Brent? (The Office) Why did Gates not do THAT DANCE!!!! he he.

Cool video though.
I think they are just amazing.

The first one was ok, but the second full one on windows.com or when they split it up on tv was done very well.

The point is to get people talking about Microsoft again. Having an Ad telling people to buy Windows is not really something I would think they would want to shoot for because if you are looking for a computer its already installed unless you buy a mac.

I think they just want people to keep mental note about Microsoft and that it adapts to your life and you don't need a Mac!

They are a heck of a lot better than those gay Mac vs. PC ad's.

These Ad's have really not been done before in this fashion where it really does not explain anything, but everyone knows its about Microsoft!


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Funny how lots of people think these Ads are all about Vista :huh:

I added the Second Video next to the first video in the the first post by John at the top of the thread ;)

The first commercial is about something new.

Second commercial is to show that Microsoft is thinking about the average Joe.

That Robot dance is the funniest thing I have ever seen :D
I thought the first one was just rubbish, but I liked the second a lot. But since it is not going to influence me to buy or not buy MS product it hardly makes any difference and I presume the target audience is people who dislike MS as a company. I take these sort of things with a pinch of salt, like this sort of PR infomercials were very common in the pages of the National Geographic magazines in the 1950s, like there was one for Union Carbide the same folks that screwed up Bhopal in India http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhopal_disaster

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personally, I think this is going to be a very long campaign..... and it is intended to be the run up to the introduction to windows 7 next year..... notice that in both ads jerry asks gates something about what is coming in the future.......
MS needs to go after Apple's distortions about the PC. I think a good starting point would be to show both PC's and Mac's use the same hardware. For years Apple fanbots have pushed this lie about Apple's hardware being superior to any PC. As a Mac user, I know this is not true. My 2008 iMac has the same hardware as many mid-range PC's build by Dell, etc...

If Apple's intend was honest then they would show the difference between OSX and MS OS's. Each OS has good points and bad.

I liked the "I'm a PC" commercial MS did.


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Microsoft Launches “I’m a PC” Ads

Today, Microsoft launched the next phase of an ongoing, long-term Windows marketing effort, with the tagline “Life Without Walls”. A key part of the brand initiative are new television and online commercials called “I’m a PC”. The spots feature real people from the diverse community of one billion Windows users around the world – from celebrities to fish mongers – all affirming the sense of creativity and connection that Windows brings to their lives by stating: “I’m a PC”.

Read more at the Source: Microsoft PressPass - Windows

I think that the new ad is right on the money. It does refer to the Apple commercials for a second but then moves on. It's amusing and sends the right message (and hey, Eva Langoria is way easier on the eye than Justin Long...).