MN-500 Base Station: Can't Update Firmware Vista?


New Member

I've had my MN-500 Base Station since 2003 operating flawlessly with our household's various computers using XP operating systems. Since upgrading to Vista on most of them I find that Vista won't allow me to update my MN-500's firmware (which is currently operating on an outdated 2003 update level).

The problem began when I replaced our base XP home computer with an entirely new Vista computer. The old XP was up-to-date (circa 2007) with the MN-500 updates. The new Vista had the old MN-500 installation disc (circa 2003) setup info downloaded but does not have any apparent compatibility which would allow for firmware updates to the present.

As a result, since going with Vista the MN-500's signal has been intermittent with my laptop. I figured that when our base XP computer was replaced with a Vista model all our MN-500 updates went with the old hard drive. Thus, the need to catch up with all the old firmware upgrades and perhaps solve the connectivity issue.

Is Microsoft orphaning the MN-500? Can someone tell me how to upgrade my MN-500's firmware on a Vista O/S?