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Modded permissions on USBSTOR registry key revert to defaults automatically


I'm trying to "harden" a notebook's security by preventing un-recognised USB mass storage devices from being installed by restricting "permissions" on the USBSTOR driver service in the registry for System/Administrators/Users to "Deny".


This works fine on Xp for example. However when I do this on a Vista machine and insert a "new" USB device the "Installing new device" notification popup appears, followed by a "Do you want Windows to find the device driver..." type dialogue - if I click yes to this the device installs normally and the permissions for the service in the registry as set back to default.

This is a single user (administrator) on a notebook running Vista HP SP2.

Can anyone explain this behaviour and if there's a workaround?


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Katokato the info at link although interesting didn't help as I tried it and the behaviour was exactly the same as that when I modified UBSTOR permissions in the registry. Although the functionality of setting "Start" to 4 in the USBSTOR registry entry did behave as described.

However I did a bit of lateral thinking in that the USBSTOR key points to the driver USBSTOR.sys in \Windows\System32\Drivers\ so I tried modding the permissions here, although it wouldn't allow this. Going into Advanced options I saw the "Owner" was "Trusted installer" so I changed this "Administrators" and set all permissions to "Deny", re-booted and hey presto any new drives fail to install whereas previously installed drives still work - these can be uninstalled manually if access is to be denied in the future.

I'm guessing the ownership issue was causing the previously observed behaviour (although I didn't get an error changing the permissions in the registry).

Anyway thanks for the link, I thought I'd never get an answer but between us I got there!


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