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MS ES- now no access to start up programs

Installing Security Essentials disables Windows Defender, right? O.K.,
Is there a GUI way to access my startup programs? For example,
can the software explorer part of WD be salvaged?
Sorry, I meant start menu. Woud like to cull out programs that slow boot up. For instance, If I bring up start menu I have no option to remove from the list, just delete. Probably need a
good tutorial, any sugestions?


Vista Guru
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Sorry but the "Extra icons" will not slow it down on start-up, only the menu displaying when selected & you wont notice that!

Do you want to un-install them? (Control panel, Programs & features)
I guess my confusion is this: Deleting a program from the start menu deleted it,
even tho it appeared to be a shortcut on the start menu. I mean it's no longer in my list of programs, had to restore it from the bin. Software explorer had a disable function. Also, I'm making the assumption that the start menu list programs that start automatically, but have nothing to do with the O.S.
Forgot, thats called the start menu too. I'm talking about typing > start menu < in the search box, click on start menu file, open. Is this just a different way of displaying the same thing? Most appear to be shortcut files, so when I deleted, they were just deleted from the start menu,and not running yet? Finally, you have to manually type msconfig and uncheck boxes to disable programs that automatically load on log in to computer user account? (Like you said first.) Do I have it now?