MS Office 2003 error 1913 (mapisvc.inf)


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I cannot get Office 2003 totally loaded on Vista Ultimate 64-bit due to this error that keeps popping up. I've gotten all the elements except Outlook Express to load seperately, but no further. I see that it has something to do with "permissions", but I have no idea how to get around this. Can someone please walk me thru a fix, step-by-step please? I would be most grateful.

Error 1913. Setup cannot update file
Verify that the file exists in your system
and that you have sufficient permissions
to update it.

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SysWOW64\mapisvc.inf error fix

I was so totally frustrated with this issue I almost installed open office :D

The fix is well sigh easy.

right click mapisvc.inf and goto properties

security tab


and here is the key owner tab

hit edit and make the new owner admin group

vista looks just similar enough to screw you all up :D hope this helps

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In addition to that (was in my case) you might have to give full permission to you. When I gave the file my ownership it still didn't install. When I checked the NTFS permission system, admins, basically everybody had read and execute permissions only .. just change to full ...

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When I gave the file my ownership it still didn't install.
Basically the procedure is as following (had to use another file for the example, because I've already changed permissions for mapisvc.inf)..:)

  1. Turn off your User Account Control (UAC), it's easier... Check out the help file, it's stated there; When viewing the Security tab for the file Properties, click on Learn about access control and permissions:
    • The help file Note'll tell ya: "If this button is UAC protected, you might not be able to modify any security settings. However, you can at least view them by using the Advanced button."

  2. Then click on Advanced, select the Owner tab, click on Edit, select your Username (your current Windows account), then Apply & Ok. You'll have to clear a prompt (Ok).

  3. Ok again and then select your Username (the current Windows account) & click on edit:

    Select your Username and checkmark Full Control. Apply & Ok.

    You'll have to clear another prompt (Ok).

    That's it, your're good to go! :d

Btw., check out some guy's notes too; Links:

Running Office 2003 on Windows Vista and running other applications that work on Windows XP on Vista

& Loading Office 2003 into Vista and fixing the problem with the EULA always coming up.

ps. I'm gonna try and edit this post so that it'll be more readable...

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Thanks, nimd4. Worked perfectly. Why the he++ doesn't MS post this fix? If you weren't here as an unpaid genius, we would be up a tree.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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This working like a charm :D Update KB959995 is now installed :)

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Thank you thank you thank you!! This worked like a charm!!! Have tried everything to change user permissions...4 hours just today and this literally took seconds!! Now I have Microsoft Office downloaded FINALLY!!!

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