MSN: no option to "show my webcam"


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I have the microsoft lifecam cinema and the latest version of msn.
I only have the option to start a video call, no option exists for "show my webcam" its not even there as an option, totally gone (not even greyed out) :sick:

Help plz

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I have the same problem. I have upgraded my WLM to the latest version today after reinstalling the immediate previous version, which was crashing to often (Windows 7 64 bits). After I logged in the SHOW WEBCAM option was GONE for good (for bad would be more appropriate in this case). Have tried sign out/sign in thousands of times, nothing works. This is pretty lame from Microsoft. Every time I am forced to use a video call (which still works), my image quality is very bad. The Logitech Quickcam PRO 4000 webcam works perfect with all other applications. The same happens with a Notebook I have with Quickcam Pro for Notebooks, and the notebook is running XP SP3. Both machines are 100% updated, all drivers latest version. Running the ANCIENT MSN Messenger 7 shows the webcam perfectly. How come Microsoft releases a new version of WLM with a stupid bug like this? People rely on WLM for communications with friends and family worldwide. Hope someone there fix this soon, if they have any interest in doing so anyway.

If someone knows a work around (not the sign in and sign out one or disconnecting and reconnecting the webcam) it will be highly appreciated.

Good luck to us all........

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Go to the drop down menu on the top right click actions click video click show my webcam. That is the way it works now.

Thats the way it always worked, you're not reading. The problem is that THE OPTION isn't there.

Yes I read the member post cause yours just said you have the same problem...


In the latest version of Windows Live Messenger they removed this feature. You can only do video calling, and no more one way calling.
They did this to prepare for WLM2011 that only allows video calling.

There is however a way to bypass this. You can downgrade messenger. This is not recommended, and there might be unfix bugs or problems (usually not).

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Hello people and welcome to the forums :party:

Firstly I would like to say, have you tried reinstalling MSN (Windows Live Messenger)?


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I have the same problem... It pissed me actually off... -.-''' I don't know what to do if the Microsoft made this ****... Help!!! I can download the older version of MSN,, will this work?

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There's something new. I hope I'll help...

Look, I have the the same problem...

And I tried to do all the possibilities till I've seen that stupid Misrosoft disabled the "Show my webcam" option.

I decided to uninnstal the Windows Live Essentials (I have the latest version) and installed the 8.5 version.

Know what? Problem again; If you want to have MSN, you have to UPGRADE your old version to the latest one! What a s***! I'm so angry they made some ****ty s*** to "upgrade" their products! I hate f****** Microsoft! I want the "SHOW MY WEBCAM" OPTION BACK!!! BACK!!! :mad::mad::mad:

If the stupid Microsoft engineers see this post, F*** YOU ALL!!! :devil::devil::devil:

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