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Multiple SKYPE instances in Firewall exceptions


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1)Just for "neatness" I'd like to delete the bizzillion skype instances in the Firewall's exceptions. I tried Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, but saw nothing there. The help only says why multiples exist:

Why do multiple instances of the same program appear on the Exceptions tab?

If you install, uninstall, or re-install a program when you are connected to different networks, several instances of that program can appear on the Exceptions tab. This is because if each network that you connect to has a different network location, you must create an exception for each category. For example, you might create an exception while you are connected to a "Public place" network, and then, later, you might connect to a "Home or work" network and create that exception again.
This can also happen when Group Policy is applied.

2) If I understand the "help", every time skype connects, it does thru a different pathway so warrants a different exception. Does this mean I can't prevent multiple instances from continuing to be added every time I use skype?
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Hello, seems to be normal. as the service may indeed go to different servers. Use Ccleaner and have it clean up your temp files and other than that.. I would not be concerned about it..

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