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Multiple "Windows Operating System" Startup Processes?

So, I was getting bored and decided to follow up on some of the performance tweeking I've been doing. Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked and decided to go to the "Reboot Time" tread, which them prompted me to go ahead and diable some of my useless startup processes. Thing is, something strange kind of popped out at me... Why are there two "Microsoft Windows Operating System" processes when as far as I can tell from the reboot thread, people have 1?

I'm assuming it isn't smart to randomly diable either, so I came here to ask.


It has to do with your Sidebar/gadgets. But I don't know why you would have two though. You might expand it to look at what it all says and post it. It's best not to start disabling services and startup items if you're not fully aware of what they do. If you want to speed up performance then I suggest reading thru Brinks tutorial on how to speed things up.



This tab would show your OS/OS's
Yeah, I realize it's not smart to diable things which I'm uncertain about. I've already done most of things in that guide and disabled the processes I know don't serve any critical function. I'm just curious as to why there are two process for the same thing. Oh, and is there any way to actually REMOVE not just disable a startup process? I have a process there linked to a program on my flash drive... bit of an accident on my part I guess.

EDIT: The location of the second process is C:\PRogram Files\Windows Media Player\WMPNSCFG.exe

So, knowing that, what does it do?


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If you are not sharing media on a network - i.e. to other computers - or maybe an xbox, you don't that running.

Open WMP click the Library tab >Media Sharing>untick Share My Media>click OK

If it asks you to confirm turning off sharing , click Yes.

Hope it helps