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My desktop looks awful on my HDTV


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Hello there, my computer (Dell Inspiron M5010) is running Vista. I've plugged it into a LG HD TV and it just looks horrible. I tried everything. I;m using HDMI cable to connect it, I've selected in the settings for it to view in 1080p (both on the TV and my laptop and still it looks bad. Please help! Also, there are black areas where I cant move anything.

PS: I know it is not my TV as games on my PS4 on that TV look amazing and yesterday I used the HDMI port to connect another TV (Samsung LED) and it looked amazing.

PPS: The size of the TV is 42 inches.
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Welcome to Vista Forums, Real. I wonder how long the desktop has looked bad on your laptop? If that started when you set your display resolution to 1920 x 1080, then I would try 1360 x 768 or something close to that. "Black areas" might mean your monitor is 16:10 aspect ratio rather than 16:9. I don't have an ATI Radeon, but it's possible that a better driver could be found at the AMD website.

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