Need help, explorer crashes when opening any folder


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Sorry I forgot to mention a couple of things, yes I have SP1, also folders work fine in safe mode.

Anyways it's late in here, I'll come back tomorrow, good night everyone!


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EDIT: VIRUS FOUND! Avast! didn't find this one before but now it got VDB updates and it found a virus: C:\Windows\System32\opnkliGw.dll. I tried to repair it but it says file doesn't exist, yet I can see it when I browse to abovementioned folder. Then I tried move to chest, couple of times it said that it can't be moved to chest because it's in use, now it says "no permission" (again roughly translated from Finnish, dunno what it exactly is in English). I'm a bit scared to delete it, as it may just pwn my system, considering that it is in system32 folder. So plz advice, what to do, this may just be the reason to my problem, I know there propably are better places to discuss this but since I already have a thread I thought that making another one would be unnecessary. Here's some info about that file:

File name: C:\Windows\System32\opnkliGw.dll
Malware name: Win32:Trojan-gen {Other}
Malware Type: Virus / Worm
VPS version: 080807-0, 07.08.2008 (the one it dl:d today)

I think that this is a new virus, no info about it when googling opnkliGw.dll.

So is it safe to delete it, if not how do I get rid of it?

EDIT2: Now that Avast! found the virus my problem has gone away, but the file is still on my computer. Will I delete it or is it some crucial part of Vista that has to be repaired? Thanks already!

EDIT3: Problem solved, Avast! finally realised that it has permission to the file and moved it to the chest. Also folders don't seem to close anymore. I'm sorry if this was the wrong board to post virus related stuff, and sorry if I wasted your time, I was just freaked out, and usually avast finds every virus I've had so I was pretty positive it wasn't due to a virus. Thanks to rajinisback for helping me out, I'll give you "rep" for helping me out.

So sorry, & thanks.
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