Need help in configuring really simple firewall rules on Windows Firewall


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Hi. I thought the following would be very simple but these days we know nothing is simple.

What I'm trying to do is block all incoming/outgoing traffic from my machine using Windows Firewall with Advanced settings, but allow only specific sites over http/https.

On the Windows firewall rules, there is no setting for URL, so I put in the IP for Yahoo for example, but I couldn't access Yahoo after I activated the rule. Plus, using IP's wont help when Yahoo can change its IP anytime. It's the URL is what I want, so I can do wild-card URL rules like*.

I tried tools like Kaspersky, but that only works for website traffic, nothing is stopping exotic things like newsgroup traffic from a news reader app for example.

Could someone please tell me how to block everything except specific URLs. Looking forward to your response, I'm stuck here.


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Thanks guys. Actually, Understanding Windows Firewall settings doesn't talk about using URL's instead of ports, and Firewalls FAQ applies to more than just Windows, so I cant use any of the Unix/Cisco/etc commands since the only thing I have is Windows Firewall.

The blocking everything part is fine. The problem is I cant find a way to use host names instead of IP's in the rules.


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Hmm, now I'm confused, something obvious and simple is not working.

Ping Yahoo! yields -

So I create a rule in Win Adv FW to block all outgoing traffic to to block yahoo, but I can still hit yahoo.

Also, would I need to specify the whole chain of IPs which are accessed along the way to getting to Yahoo!, those IPs I see in tracert?

Wouldn't being able to create rules based on domains and wildcarding domains like* be the easiest?

Please help me figure this out, because this appears to be absurdly simple yet I cant get anything to work.



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