Need help with 32 to 64 bit upgrade, cant figure out how to import old settings


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OK so i installed a new TB HD from WD yesterday and i have had a 64 bit OS ( i have 32 bit vista now ) cd laying around for awhile. I figured i would install it on the new HD so i could get the cheap upgrade to 7 next month. Well the HD install and format went well yesterday and i installed the OS this morning on the new HD. But now, like i figured, all the settings and drivers are on the other hard drive. So my dual monitors are not set up and i cant get on the internet. I cant even find the nvidia program to set up the dual monitors so i am assuming it is on the other HD somewhere. I copied and pasted the driver files from the old HD to the new one, but that didnt do anything. I even put the wireless network adapter cd and installed it. Still says i dont have a wireless network adapter installed ( i hope its 64 bit compatible, its a "wireless G network adapter model no. WMP54G ). I need some help please guys thanks.

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You cannot use 32 bit drivers on a 64 bit OS - the hardware just won't work.
You'll need to use another computer to download the 64 bit drivers for your wireless card. Once that's done, then you can use your own computer to download the rest of the 64 bit drivers.

There's no upgrade path between 32 bit and 64 bit.

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