Need help with excel charts...


hey ppl....i have this data i have posted the excel sheet there...
i have a problem... u see those two columns onw which says weight of clay and the other that says permeability??...

i want the values of "weight of clay" on the x-axis and the values of "permeability on the y-axis but i have tried for over 2 hours and i cant figure out how..
how i wish i had office XP right now

pls help i need to submit it tomorrow
thanx in advance


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Hmm...hopefully this isn't too late, but I only just stumbled across this. I'm going to presume a "Scatter Plot" since you didn't specify. Process is basically the same for any of them; adjust accordingly.

1) Don't highlight your columns.
2) Click the "Insert" tab at the top.
3) Click "Scatter" from the top panel, then select one of those options (I usually start with the one with no lines connecting anything).
4) This automatically creates an empty graph on your screen and changes your active tab to "Design".
5) With the graph selected, click "Select Data" from the top panel.
6) In the pop-up here, click "Add" under series.
7) Type in a series name (Do not hit "Enter")
8) Click on the icon next to "Select Range" for "Series X values." Select what you want on the X-Axis.
9) Repeat 8 for y-values.
10) Use the "Chart Layouts" tabs on the top to find the chart closest to the format you want. Inside the chart, you can make any adjustments you want (e.g. change titles, delete legend, format axes, etc).
11) If you want to move the chart to its own page (I find this is often helpful), click "Move Chart" from the far right of the Design tab. Place it where ever you like.

I hope this helps.

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