Need some LAN help for X64


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I purchased an ECS NF650iSlitA motherboard and built a new system from scratch. Everything works very well, EXCEPT the LAN. The updated BIOS was required for my processor, but flashing the BIOS went smoothly.

I will admit I'm a newbie to Vista, but I am an MCSE having built far too many computers to count, so I'm not a newbie in general.

I found in a Newegg post someone mentioned that the ECS onboard LAN is not Vista compatible, even though MS lists the NVidia NForce drivers as certified for both x86 and x64 versions. (The onboard LAN works fine with Windows XP64.) After finding this post, I went to MicroCenter, found a Netgear GA311 that proudly boasts on the package: "Supports Windows Vista." By now, you have already guessed that the PCI NIC doesn't work any better than the onboard LAN adapter.

I've looked through the posts here and have tried deleting infcache.1, etc., but so far nothing I've found seems to help.

I keep getting a message that states "Unidentified Network" by the LAN connection (in Network and Sharing Center.) Same message as with onboard LAN. Both devices show up in device manager, and disabling one and using the other makes no difference. The LAN icon on the taskbar shows the exclamation in a triangle error. What am I missing here?

I'm trying to connect to my home network as a "private network" and have turned Windows Firewall OFF. I have no software on this computer besides the OS and driver utilities.

I'm willing to try resetting services, etc. and/or buy a KNOWN working x64 PCI NIC to begin troubleshooting with.

By the way, if you see a guy on the street without any more hair, that's me - - I pulled it all out trying to figure this mess out! :cry:

Other system info: Vista Business 64, Intel Q6600, 2x XFX 8600GT, 4Gb OZ SLI RAM.

Any help GREATLY appreciated! THANK YOU!!