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Frank C

Is there a way to fill in the device information for an unknown device in WMP11?
I know the device information based on the Mac address.
WMP11 > Tools > Options > Library > Configure Sharing > Select device > Properties
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wither 3

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Open Control Panel, Device Manager, Other Devices. Is there anything listed there? If there is, the option to uninstall or disable is present. I see one such device in Other Devices but it doesn't appear in the WMP list that you show. The only thing it shows is a USB port 5. I have 8 and don't know what's on that port. It also doesn't show up on my network devices. Whatever you have, it seems to be in your Network Devices.

Just tossing out some observations.

Frank C

Thanks wither 3.
I don't have "Other Devices" under control panel device manager.
One unknown device is a ASUS laptop on the local network - mac 60 36 dd 16 27 f9
The other is my Desktop - mac 00 21 9b 09 1a 72 it is also on the local network.
I would like to add some identifying information in properties.
Frank C

Frank C

I found the properties for the WMP devices in the system registry at this location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Media Player NSS\3.0\Devices\00-21-9B-09-1A-72
There will be an entry identified by the MAC address for each device (ex. 00-21-9B-09-1A-72).
I corrected the entries that were missing or in error. The WMP > tools > options > library > Configure Sharing > device(select) > properties,
now show correct information.
Frank C