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I have a Compaq Laptop with Vista Home premium that I just got. I can connect to the network but it takes awhile for it to identify my router and during this time all my other pc's will lose the network connection. This also happens anytime I reboot the laptop as well. Anyone have any ideas of why this is happening. All replies appreciated.

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Re: Netywork issues

Hi and welcome to the forums.

First off, what make and model is your router; some routers (such as my secondary router) have a very low number of clients that are allowed to be connected at one time. It also may have some connection to how your router broadcasts (A, B, G or N) and how far away from it you are.

Please can you also tell us what OSs the other PCs are running and how they are connected.

As a general tip without knowing too much about your network, have you made sure that your WiFi card drivers are up to date? If you haven't it might be worth doing.


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Linksys WRT110 Range Plus Wireless Router. This appears to happen anytime it goes to sleep and I wake it up. My laptop is a Compaq V6000 running Vista Home Premium and the other pc's are running XP with 2 hardwire and 1 wireless. The router is about 4 ft away. When I shut down my laptop I get my connection back and I can boot the laptop back up and it will connect after a few minutes.

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