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new documents file creates after every start


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For the past few days know something weird has been happening. Every time I boot up my PC a new documents folder creates, nothing is in it, its just there. I'm not fully sure whats causing it, I've scanned my PC numerous times and no viruses. Any clue?



Does anyone know? its starting to bother me. :(
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Hi R3DN3X,

Im a noob to the forums but from what I think you are describing, it appears to be a virus that replicates itself using the same folder name that you are exploring. If the extensions are enabled for your folder names, you will see that the newlc created file ends with an *.exe extension. The last and only time I had this problem, I know i went through so many different malware removal tools and anit-virus suites. I am sorry but I cannot recall which actually removed the virus. Ended up doing a reformat and reinstall of the OS - take care to backup your data as you may inadvertently backup the virus and restore it back to your reinstalled OS.

The following link may help:

New Folder.exe Virus Removal Tool | Technize - Be Techdated

Hope I have been of some assitance and have a great day

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Are you sure it could be a virus? I've scanned my comp and it shows up with nothing. how harmful could this be? and the folder is a not a .exe folder.. its just a regular folder (just says "Documents")
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