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How to Fix the New Folder Context Menu Item in Vista
If when you right click on the desktop or in a User folder and click on New and Folder it does not work, then this will show you how to fix the Folder menu item so it will create a new folder again.
How to Fix the New Folder Context Menu Item in Vista

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If when you right click on the desktop or in a User folder and click on New and Folder it does not work, then this will show you how to fix the Folder menu item so it will create a new folder again.
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EXAMPLE: New Folder in the Context Menu and a New Folder
You see this context menu only when you right click on a empty space on the desktop and in a nonsystem folder (Ex: C:\Users) Windows Explorer window. If you right on a empty space in a system folder (Ex: C:\Program Files, C:\Windows, etc...} Windows Explorer window, you will only see Folder in the New menu.

New.jpg New_Folder.jpg
EXAMPLE: New Folder in the Organize Toolbar Button
This is the Organize toolbar button in Windows Explorer.

EXAMPLE: New Folder in the File Menu
This in the Windows Explorer Menu bar. It is not availale in the Computer window though.


Here's How:
1. Click on the download button below to download the NewFolderFix.reg file.​

2. Right click on the downloaded NewFolderFix.reg file and click on Merge to add it to your registry.​
3. Click on the Run button in the Security Warning prompt.​
4. Click on Continue in the UAC prompt.​
5. Click on Yes in the confirmation prompt.​
6. Click on OK in the success prompt.​
7. Log off and log on, or restart the computer to apply the fix.​
8. When done, you can delete the NewFolderFix.reg on the desktop if you would like to.​
NOTE: If the problem still persists, then do a System Restore using a restore point dated before the problem.
That's it,

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Shawn Brink


Hi Kris,

Glad to hear it's working for you now.

What was causing the initial problem you were having on the other posts with this message:
"Cannot import.....
The Specified file is not a registry script.
You can only import binary files from the within the registry editor" ?

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I cannot thank you enough for this help! We bought Windows VISTA (couldn't find an alternative -UGH!) three months ago, and within TWO DAYS, my "New Folder" option had disappeared!

This is a great program, and it works! But, quick question -do I have to remove it from my desktop? I'd rather burn it to CD, or leave it on desktop -if my VISTA decides to erase my "New Folders" file again!

Thanks for your response ... and again, for a great tool!

Your welcome Pixie,

Welcome to the forum. :party:

You do not have to remove it if you do not want to. I just added the remove part as a reminder so it would not clutter up folk's desktops. You can do with it what you like.

"Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement." ---Barry LePalmer


Thanks again! Glad to be here!

I will be telling others of this site! Glad I kept searching! Perseverance paid off this time! (Hate to say it, but my sister and I are not impressed with VISTA!)

Glad you were on top of this!


That saying sure is true. (LOL)

If you have any other problems with Vista, be sure to post it the forum and we'll see what we can do to help.

Hope your experience with Vista gets better,
I get the same error. And the fix isn't working for me... anything else I can try? I get the error "File or Folder does not exist" when trying to rename a folder. I'm using Vista 32 bit Ultimate, and this is a fresh installation which is what I don't understand. I tried to the reg patch and still nothing...

Please help!
Hi Rounder,

Welcome to the forum. :party:

What is the name and location of the file that you are trying to rename? If it is a junction point system file, you will not be able to rename it. (EX: The hidden system file My Documents) These are not really real files, but more of a relay point to the actual file. You can read more on junction points here:


Glad to hear you solved your problem. I checked out the file Folder rename fix Vista (7.12K) you posted at the link, but it is not accessible unless your a member. Is there any way you can attach it to a post here. You can do this, as you probably know, by clicking on the paperclip icon, in either Quote or Go Advanced, when typing a post. Perhaps I can adapt it to work for both the 32 and 64 bit Vista.

Thank you,
well, I'm having a hard time in renaming a "new folder"
every single word or letter I type in does not appear, the dialogue box said "the file or folder does not exist"..
pls help me
Hi aphrodisiac,

Welcome to Vista Forums. :party:

Give this a try to see if it will help you.

1. Open the Control Panel (Classic View).
2. Click on the Offline Files icon.
3. Click on the Disable Offline Files button.
NOTE: If it says Enable Offline Files instead, then click on it and click Apply and then click Disable Offline Files.
4. Click OK.
5. Restart the computer.

Hi Shawn,
I appreciate your reply, but the thing is I can't find or let me say I don't see Offline files icon in Control panel. thanks for the BIG help... :)

Sorry, I just noticed that your version does not have Offline Files in the Control Panel. :o

Give this reg file a try from:

Unable to rename folders - TechNet Forums

It looks promising. I checked the file out and the contents looks safe. You may need to restart afterwards to apply it.

View attachment FD32.reg < Click to Download

1. Click on Save, and save the .reg file to the Desktop.
2. Right click the .reg (On Desktop) file and click Merge.
3. Click on the Run button for Security Warning pop-up.
4. Click on Continue (UAC), Yes, and then OK when prompted.
5. When done, you can delete the .reg file (On Desktop).

Hope this helps,
Hello Shawn,
I've done what you suggested but still have the problem with creating a new folder. The sub-menu is empty. I asked for help technicians from hp but it didn't work as well. May be you can suggest something else?
Thank you.