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No Advance Device settings (Realtek HD Audio manager)

So i just got a new computer, and was trying to get my Front and rear audio ports work at the same time. On my old computer i could just go to the Advance Device settings, however on this computer when i open up Realtek HD Audio manager there is no "Advance Device Settings". I have the most up to date drivers, could this possibly be because of my mother board? Both computers had integrated sound by the way.
I'm in the realtek hd audio manager right now and there is a link (not a tab) in the upper right hand corner called "device advanced settings". This brings up a window that gives me an option to "make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams".

I have driver version but I have had this option in each of the versions I have used.
Ya i know its supposed to be there, it was there on my last comp. However its not there for me. If needed i can take a ScreenShot and show you. But there is no link whatsoever.
I know this is an old thread, but did you have headphones and speakers plugged into the front and rear of the computer? I think you need both plugged in to get the "Device advanced settings" choice.