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hi peeps im new here so go easy.

i have just brought a new M/B and cpu

asus M2N-SLI Deluxe with a AMD Athlon X2 6000 cpu

my M/B came with drivers for vista x64 but does not work very well, i can't adujust the settings for audio like i can in xp 64.

the sound card is built in M/B and is SOUNDMAX ADI AD1988B 8-channel.

is there a compatable driver for this as i want the jack sensing and adjustments.

thanks for your help craig

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Hi! I've installed Home Premium x64 just yesterday and I needed the same driver.
After a few incorrect downloads and frustrated bad installations I've found the following driver:

If you try to install it by running AsusSetup.exe, you'll get an error message telling that your hardware is not connected or something like that.
But you still can install it by the old ways, directly on Device Manager, telling Windows where you have uncompressed it.

It rocks! See the screenshot below:

There is a new function named Sonic Focus. Man, what an amazing boost it gives for your high and low frequencies. My Edifier e3100 never sounded better!! :D:D Games, movies, music, incredible crystal clear sound.

I only have stereo (2.0), but the settings up to 7.1 are there as well.

Sorry for my english. I'm Brazilian :p
Good luck! enjoy it!

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Use ASUSTeK Computer and dowload a new driver. almost the same place as bios download.

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