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Getting straight to the point. I have windows vista ultimate with sp1, my motherboard is an abit in9 32max wifi. Around a couple of months ago my network connection started crashing without any reason at all and the only way to restore it back was by rebooting. Basically i get disconnected from my network and afterwards when i start searching for networks i can't find any. I am not using the wifi but the ethernet and when i lose network connectivity the ethernet cable is still working since the lights are still going on. Pinging the router or connecting to it is not possible. It's as if no ethernet cable was connected, and even if i switch to the other ethernet port nothing changes. Crashes occur pretty randomly, i can have one after 20 minutes or after 10 hours. On top of that i also have another computer with windows vista ultimate connected to the same network and i have no problems with that one, so i can safely assume that is not a router/switch problem.

I ve tried doing a memtest and i couldn't find out any memory problems.
I ve tried formatting and reinstalling windows and that didn't work out as well
I have all the latest drivers for my motherboard

I am out of ideas and i don't know what else to do so i would really appreciate a hand . Thanks in advance

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Hi there,

The sudden loss of network connectivity and internet was a previous bug in windows vista but that was rectified with sp1. Does your windows vista have sp1 installed if not update vista with windows update to sp1. also still if this is the problem you would need to check you hardware try inseting a another netowrk card and check to see if the problem still arieses.

Hope this help


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Hello. Yes as i ve said before i already installed sp1. I am gonna give a try with a new network card .

I have also noticed that every time i lose the network connections the time to shut down vista increases dramatically. I have a quad core and 4 gb of ram and such delay is not justified.

Thanks for the help

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