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No Ports under Device Manager

I am trying to install a program to connect a physical therapy device to my laptop and having a problem with changing the port settings. Below, I have copied the instructions sent to me by the manufacturer. The problem is that once I get to the Device Manager folder, I don't see any listing for ports. Can anyone help me to figure out what to do now?

Here are the instructions I received. Thank you very much for any help anyone can provide!
Your problem is to install the USB to serial adaptor correctly. (USB cable to 9 pin male D sub)
If you don't have one let us know.

You can verify the correct installation as follow:

Go to the Start Button ( lower corner on Screen) press left mouse button.

Make following steps:

Control Panel - Device Manager - Ports(COM LPT) - Communications Port or Profilic USB to Serial Comm Port (Port 2)

If the Port is greater than 4 do the following:

Click with the right mouse button on the selected port,
select Properties - Port Settings - Advanced - COM Port Number COM2 ( select COM1 or 2 3 4 aslo if in use)

Start the GIGER MD Programm ; ALL Programs - GIGERMD- Port2

If the message appears NO CONNECTION, setup in the Device Manager another Port 1-4 and start the accordant Port in all programs - GIGERMD Portx

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if i remember correctly that sort of adaptor needs to have a driver installed before use, a software port/emulator. you should have it on the install disk either a *.exe or a *.inf for manual install.
but the device i used had its own app for selection port setup and wasnt visable in device manager. is there any other software on the disk?

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