Solved No sound from my laptop.


Using Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. The volume icon is showing with a volume of :72 but there is no sound being emitted. I have been into the Control Panel, and checked the volume there, and everything is shown as being correct. So, what is the solution, please?

Hope someone cmoes up with the remedy, as I had googled for instructions as how to use an Epson Perfection scanner. Found a video on YouTube, but naturally without sound I will get nowhere.


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To me it sounds like a driver problem. I would go to search by the start button, type device manager and update all the audio drivers. Any drivers with a small yellow marker besides it, should, also be updated. If that does not work go to the website of the audio card and update from there. Wish you luck.


Richard, Did not even get the opportunity to try your remedy, as the sound came back on unexpectedly. I have experienced the same thing on the odd occasion in the past. No sound, then it shows up again.
I also experience the same thing with the battery/power icon. It disappears, then when entering the control panel I am unable to re-install the battery icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Next day when starting up - enter the control panel, and it will then accept the tick in the power box, and the battery icon re-appears.
Thanks, all the same though, and I will make a note of your suggestion for future use.