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turned on my computer and windows is not poping up just a blank page no tool bar or anything only a privacy center pop ip is telling me i have threats and it wants me to buy this protection but i already have norton 360 but i cant get to it to run any scans. The only way i can get to the internet is through a support limk at the bottom of the page i dont have a start menu or any thing just a blank page i would greatly appreciate any help i can get thank you i have windows vista on a hp pavillion

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Hi cro, welcome to the board,
You may get into safe mode and search for the unusual or suspected program file and have it removed. If you can't, that means you have got a bad ass one that is very likely you need to restore to previous restore point. If this wouldn't help, boot from OS CD/DVD and repair by restore from there. If failed, save all important data and reinstall Vista.

Good luck and let us know how is it turns out.


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