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How to Hide or Show a Notification Icon in Vista

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This will show you how to change each of the system tray icons in the notification area to be set as Hide all the time, Hide when inactive, or Show all the time.

Here's How:
1. Right click on a empty area of the Taskbar.​
2. Click on Properties.​
3. Click on the Navigation Area tab. (See screenshot below)​
4. To Show All Icons on the Traybar
A) Uncheck Hide inactive icons and click Apply.​
B) Go to step 9.​

5. To Hide Inactive Icons on the Traybar
A) Check Hide inactive icons and click Apply.​

6. To Hide or Show Only Selected Icons
A) Do step 5 first.​
B) Click on the Customize button.​

C) Click on a icon Item to highlight it. (See screenshot below step 9)​
D) Click the drop down box next to the icon item and choose the option you want.​
E) Click on Apply.​

7. To Restore the Default Settings
NOTE: This will set them all back to Hide when inactive.​
A) Click on the Default settings button. (See screenshot below step 9)​
B) Go to step 9.​

8. To Reset and Clean the Icon list

9. Click on OK to apply.​

10. Click on OK. (See screenshot below step 6B)​
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