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NVIDIA Guest Blog: Microsoft Internet Explorer – Now More Visual, More Immersive, and

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In this post, David Ragones of NVIDIA guest blogs about Internet Explorer Platform Preview 3.

Today, Microsoft hosted an incredible demo day in San Francisco celebrating the release of Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 3.

The PC has always been the richest platform for experiencing the most immersive software – for example compare playing the latest DirectX 11 games like Metro 2033 in 3D vs. the typical game on a smartphone.  Developers for the PC have long had the advantage of powerful CPUs and GPUs to deliver the highest performance and most visual applications. 

But on the web, popular browsers have long enabled developers to create basic user experiences with simple interaction and interfaces that have improved somewhat over the years but still fall short compared to typical PC-based applications.

Until now.

With the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has embraced the GPU and turbo-charged the future of the web.  No longer will there be artificial roadblocks to compelling new web experiences.  Imagine your favorite site now re-engineered with the GPU in mind.  Desktop, Notebooks, and Netbook PCs with NVIDIA GPUs will navigate your social network visually; deliver smooth in-browser playback of multiple HD videos at once; smoothly pan, swoop, and zoom on photos and diagrams – and do it all without leaving the browser, using a plug-in, or having to launch another application. 

And, as website authors get even more savvy to the new technology, websites will become more visual, more immersive, and more engaging.  As with any new technology, it’s hard to know exactly how it will be used, but it’s clear that many frustrations of the past will disappear. 

With Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, the future of the web is bright, it’s powered by the GPU, and NVIDIA is glad to help make it happen.

David Ragones

Director of Product Marketing, ION/GeForce, NVIDIA


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