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Recently I've been using a vista ultimate x64 os machine for some gaming, however I'm having strange behavior when I need to right click.
Things go pretty smoothly otherwise, but if I right click and do not follow up with another left mouse button click, then the cursor disappears and things go haywire, erratic, constant movement in seemingly random directions until I right click again a few times. In addition to this, the computer starts accepting ghost imputs from the keyboard, such as shift and spacebar, also seemingly at random. I then discovered that the strange behavior is not limited to games, but that if I right click on the desktop very similar behavior ensues. I just tried that again before writing this post and the cursor disappeared, various icons were highlighted on my desktop, then a confirmation box came up asking me if I really did want to send an msn shortcut to the recycle bin. All sorts of weird stuff, and it's starting to get to me.

I do have AVG antivirus software, and have been scanning periodically, and I've tried to keep my drivers up to date. The only notable thing that I can think of is that there's an unknown device in device manager, however I've been unable to discover what device it actually is, nor locate a driver for it. And yes, I've tried switching from the mouse port to just usb ports, and tried three different mouses, all laser, exact same behaviour with all of them.

Any advice on how I may be able to repair this problem or simply where to get more information on an issue like this would be appriciated, if I left out any needed information let me know.

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Try this first: go into your mouse setting by clicking Start, click Control Panel, click Classic View, click Mouse.

When the mouse properties window opens, make sure that under the “Right button” heading, this shows up in the drop-down: Right-click (default). If there is something else in that drop-down, that might be what’s causing the problem. If it’s already set to Right-click (default), then we have another problem and can address that.


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