Offscreen Window - Bring it back to desktop

How to Move a Offscreen Window Back to the Desktop in Vista
This will show you how to move a open window back to the desktop if it is to far offscreen to move back normally.
How to Move a Offscreen Window Back to the Desktop in Vista

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This would be a window that you accidentally moved off the screen to far to get to it with the mouse pointer or if a laptop or computer is plugged up to a temporary secondary monitor and then disconnected without remembering to move the window(s) back to the primary desktop.

Here's How:
1. Right click on the offscreen window's tab on the taskbar. (See screenshot below)​
2. Click on Move.​
NOTE: If Move is grayed out, then click on Restore first.​

3. The mouse pointer will now turn into the Move Move_Cursor.jpg cursor.​
4. Press one of the arrow keys on the keyboard.​
5. Now either move the offscreen window back in view by moving the mouse, or use the arrow keys. Hold the arrow key down to move the window quicker.​
6. When you have the window back to where you want it, just click a mouse button or press Enter to drop the window into place.​
That's it,

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Shawn Brink


nice one,i always wanted to know that,sometime it was a pain when the windows would open outside the screen window
G'Day Shawn, it's nuisance again!!

I'm sorry Shawn, but I've never come across "Off-Screen Window" before, and I don't think that the function is accessible on my setup. I am aware that I can move the displayed webpages etc., through the right side and bottom of my screen, but didn't realise that there is perhaps a way to recover 'lost' bits.

It is your mention of 'monitors' that attracted my attention. You see, during the setup process of adding a 23" Acer monitor to my Notebook, the Acer eTechnology Widget which was always on my Desktop, disappeared. I had an idea that it has gone to 'never-never' land, that area of the screen 'outside' the right side and bottom of my screen, and thus out of reach of my mouse. Does this sound feasible?

Is this Tutorial a 'fix' forthis kind of problem? I contacted Acer Support [this was back in August] and after 3 days of trying all sorts of attempted fixes, they finally threw in the towel and responded with their stock 'Restore system to Factory Defaults' solution......which I disregarded. The Acer eTechnology Widget is the prime access point for all eTech Sections.....and I have missed it!

I'm just wondering if I may be able to find my lost little friend with this Tutorial's features. What say you?


LOL, hi Sassofalco.

This method is only for open windows that got moved offscreen by mistake. In order to use this method, there needs to be a button (open window tab) on the taskbar for that Widget. I do not think that there is one for those though.

A possible workaround is to connect another monitor to your notebook again and see if it the Widget was moved over to the 2nd monitor. If it was, then you can just simply drag the Widget back to the 1st monitor (notebook).

Hope this helps,
Gad Shawn, do you ever sleep? :sleepy:Time here 2315 on Sat 01 Nov. What there?

Anyway, during install of the monitor and in trying to make sense of Acer's User Guide for it...... [ written in Chinglish....I wrote a long and detailed admonishment to Acer about it, requesting sponsorship (by Acer, of course) to travel to China, to help them translate the Guides into simple English, as she ees spoke....Mate! - Acer never replied! I wonder why?],....... there were a series of on/off displays between the monitor and my Notebook, at which stage, Master Acer eTech-Widget, decided to go A.W.O.L to virtual land.

Oh well.It would appear that that is where he is destined to remain.

Thanks for your quickfire reply. You Blokes are "Capital"...Mate. Cheers.

You're welcome Sassofalco.

It's 8:22 AM here. I fixing to sign off for a quick nap after being up for quite a while now. :sleepy: LOL

I hope that you can get a 2nd monitor connected long enough to drag your widget back over.
Rest well Shawn,

Thanks for the hint. I'll try and borrow my neighbour's monitor. If successful, will post the result.....if not, I'll shoot mine!

I gotta agree with your first reply by times9 - in fact, I signed up just so I could make this comment, I gotsta agree so much!

Thank you. That's always bugged me too.