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old cd-rom programs


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I have older cd-roms that don't work with vista. Any good news?
nope, old CD-ROMS are infact useless with 64 bit operating systems as they use 16bit installers, since you are running 64bit and emulation of a 32bit environment is already in effect, you cannot execute another emulation of a 16bit enovironment. you could however use compatability mode with the setup.exe or autoplay.exe but this means manually going into the cd and right clicking it everytime you want to use them
I am grateful, MrNeeds. I did try emulations without success. I guess I should be grateful, that, being in a mess, at least I know it.
Dzomlija, thanks for your help. I did create a Windows XP Virtual PC. At least I got the stuff installed. It still does not run from hard drive installation, but maybe from the CD-ROM Drive.