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Old computer really slow...

Oklahoma, USA
ok my old comp is a p4 HT w/ vista x86..
for a couple of days i've been noticing that everythin takes forever to load, when it used to be as fast as....my new comp is still doin great, and they have the exact same programs and all except the new one is x64...on the performance monitor it says 80% memory being used, and my new one about 43%...the old one also shows 380 Hardfaults/min on there and my new one only showing 0 or 1...this is really laggin up things...its svchost..any idea..cuz this is pretty much everythin..but still, my new comp is barely using any resources on this
help would be appreciated

new comp pic on top
old comp is on bottom..
old one is really slow and maybe screwed up
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Vista Pro
and my new one about 43%.....wow that is realy high. ihave the same prosseccer as you and i idle at 1%
must be somthing you have installed... but dont forget defrag and defender allways run when your pc's idle so the % is never true untill you disable them 2 progs

as for your ram yes vista is like a rasta after huge smoking session :P
it realy does get the munchies i have 4gb and currently using 37%

but again dont forgrt its what you have running/installed that make this
try to take into account ur anti virus firewall ect

i suggest getting a core gadget for your pc's so you can moniter when ur cpu load is high i hade a very similare problem with a host and was able to pin down that ventilo (v.o.i.p)wast killing core 1
i hope you find your fault

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