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oops, my mistake

Thank you.

A few folks have told me they are 'movies for the eyes'. i.e. you can picture them as short movies after reading them and closing your eyes. I don't know as they don't have that affect on me.
Yeah, there has been the suggestion I try to get published. A friend who owns a small publishing company in Canada has even offered, but he works full time as a university professor. His publishing staff is himself and 1 other person. He didn't publish a book that was in the queue before me, they had to buy their manuscript back and get it published in another route. He and I had discussed publishing my Veteran's Day/Rememberance Day poems separately and donating money from sales to Veterans' groups.

I do have a live journal account, I noticed a 'book on demand' printing service they have. I was thinking about checking into that.
The music is more of a situation setup. The music is playing down the hall in another room, and you then start reading the poem.