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Solved page fault in nonpaged area

I saw this thread some time ago somewher in here but it seemes to be dead now and seemed that no real help was given on how to fix it. Anyways I had the same problem with my machine where it Blue screen with the same error message "page fault in nonpaged area ". Here is what I did to fix the problem, might or might not help others but here it is anyways:

1. Firstly I noticed this was a memory problem, so since I had 8GB of RAM installed some applications or games seemed to be wanting to make use of all the RAM available, but ofcourse Windows Vista x32 bit can only read 4GB of RAM. So I removed the addtional RAM till I was left with only the 4GB.

2. Believe it or not, I then opened up my systems and gave it a good clean with a vacum cleaner specially the fan so much dust had gathered there thast the head sitn was clogged up with dust. This could have been causing some overheating issues.

Bingo problem sorted my system no longer Blue Screens.... Hope this helps all.