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Paperport 12 and Vista 64


Nuance Paperport 12 and 64 bit Vista

I have seen so many posts re Paperport that I feel I need to apologize for raising the subject again.

I tried to get v11 to work until I was almost dead from fatigue. Nuance support made many suggestions (disable Data Execution Prevention for all but system files, close anti-virus and firewall, stop User Account Control etc) but DEP always closed the program and in the end I had to give up.

Now we have version 12, which, Nuance specifically claims, works with Vista 64. So, in spite of previous experience, I gave it a try. And what happened? Well, much the same as before.

The pattern of failure seems to follow neither rhyme nor reason. If I start it in certain ways which seem to be more like smoke and mirrors and Voodo than logic it may work one day but not the next. Currently I run it as administrator when, on startup, it cannot find the Paperport document folder structure on the network (every other program can) which I have to disconnect and restore.

If only Paperport worked it would be a useful program. Nuance secures this program with its activation policy as though it is the crown jewels. But, instead, it is an infuriating waste of time. I am trying to do serious work here and cannot spend my time on useless fiddling.

Has anyone got this program to work properly with V64?

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I've tried paperport 12 with Vista X64, it sucks. I can't believe the people at Nuance get away with treating us (customers) the way they do. I called them, asked if it was compatible with Vista (they lied to me on Paperport 11 and said it was, til they couldn't fix it, then they admitted it). They told me Paperport 12 was compatible with 10 also. Well, guess what? NOT!!!!! They said to run a utility to check for corrupt files, all of them were corrupt in 12, but work just fine in 10. I'm sure they have a different viewer in 12, but its not compatible with what they used in 10, and its a pdf file!!!! It may be the other files they put in the folders for thumbnails, or data, not sure, but it craps out when I change to a different folder when it has images in it. If there are no images, its fine. As soon as I pick scan now, paperport 12 bombs out on a windows message that paperport has stopped working. The scanner software works just fine on same machine, and with other software too. Don't be fooled. It may work if its a new installation and you have no files to bring forward, but be forewarned, they don't care this time, won't care on the next update either, they must assume that people buy it for the first time and won't ever upgrade, or just worred about the new sale, leaving us hanging is not their problem.

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Hi Lewish

Well, you certainly haven't minced your words. From what you say Paperport is not fit for purpose. I have seen similar views on this program before; it looks like there are a lot of very dissatisfied folks out there.

I have recently come across an alternative document management application called Sohodox. I have tried an evaluation copy and found the email support people very helpful, but I felt that, at that stage, it was too buggy for me to buy. Another thing I wasn't keen on was that it uses the Microsoft Access database to file the scanned documents and has a limit of 100,000 docs. The Professional version uses MySQL but is too expensive for the home user. I believe the company (Itaz) is based in Mumbai.

It may be worth keeping an eye on Sohodox because Itaz seems to be keen on bug fixing and publishes frequent new versions.

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