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Partial Aero glass?

I'm wondering if anyone else has run into my situation. For some reason, I have the Aero glass theme enabled on my 64-bit Vista machine, but the theme is only used for a few windows. It seems to be mostly reserved for OS related windows, as opposed to application windows. For instance, even IE7 doesn't show transparency. I find it strange that the Aero glass frame appears to only work partially for me. I would have expected that it would fully work, or not work at all. I'm using Intel's Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 3100, which came with my system. Has anyone else run into this before and/or found a solution?


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try making the IE7 box smaller. like not fullscreen, but halfscreen, and see if you see the transparency. also not everything does it. so it may be working correctly. but I wont know until I see it. :)
Here is a screenshot. It includes three windows and the taskbar. You'll notice that the device manager window and the taskbar have Aero glass, while my minimized IE and Control Panel windows do not. Aero glass also doesn't display for Firefox, or just about any other application. It only seems to work for certain OS windows, like the device manager window.

Thanks for the help!
Here is another odd example from Firefox. You'll notice that the browser itself does not display Aero glass, but the addon installation window does.

Oh, and no matter how much I shrink windows not displaying the Aero glass theme, they still won't display the theme.


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Hmmm - in the first ss, both IE and control panel are obviously *not* maximized - however, I also notice a couple of buttons in your cp window - are those from Ultramon? If so, ditch the buttons - I use Ultramon without the buttons, relying on KB shortcuts (I used CTRL + ` to switch to next monitor) and the context menu of taskbar items.

Then, for full screen items, I used VistaGlazz to allow aero glass even in maximized items.

Finally, for Fx 3, I used Glasser extension.

Net result - I have glass everywhere.
I'm not sure which buttons you're referring to in my cp. I don't think I have ultramon installed (I'm not sure what this is). I've tried VistaGlazz and Glasser, but neither seem to work for me. I don't remember what VistaGlazz looked like, but Glasser just messes up my toolbars. I've attached an ss with Glasser and the Vista-Aero theme enabled. No matter what theme I use, including the default, it has a similar effect.


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Ummm, if you look at your ss of the control Panel, I see three buttons on the right and about an inch or so over I see two more buttons - which look exactly like ultramon buttons....
Wow, that solved my problem! Those were SplitScreen buttons. Once I disabled the buttons, Aero was re-enabled. Thanks so much for your help.
Unfortunately, I still can't get Glasser to work. Must be a conflict with some extension.

Edit: Working now. Had to enable a different theme.
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