Paste from Word to email problem

paul detmer

New Member
When copying from "Word" and pasting into "Windows Mail"
Links still look like links but when I test them by sending email to myself
they do not respond or give error message in registry as follows:
and of course the typical message on web page is:

" the address is not valid"

Same thing, of course, happens to my contacts when they click on link in my email.

They have to type it into registry to go where I am recommending,... NOT COOL!!!

Yes I have TYPED IN same URL at email level rather than paste from Word and
it works just fine.

Not problem with XP

What vista's quirk on this?

I Like writing in Word and then transfering to email and send.

How do I do it?

Thanks for ur help guys and gals,... that is if u can,... bye!!!!