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Photo gallery saves crops incorrectly


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I love to crop photos to take out those distracting items that I seem to capture when taking pictures. Sometimes I crop the same photo in two different ways.
For example:
First, I crop my original image to a 5 x 7 horizontal. I file save the image under IMG401_5x7hor. I then revert the original image to IMG401. I then immediately crop IMG401 to 5 x 7 vertical. I file save to IMG401_5x7ver. I again then revert the original image back to IMG401.

Windows photo gallery appropriately saves my horizontal crop (the first one), but incorrectly saves the vertical crop (the second one) as a horizontal.

Everytime I crop like this, Windows photo gallery always leaves me with 2 identical cropped images that look like my first crop.

Does anyone know how to make this STOP happening?

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