Solved portforwading!!

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the problem i have is that my netgear router DG834G will not portforward, i am new too this so its probably an easy mistake where i am going wrong.

ive tried following the insructions by finding my router on and going through those steps, and it didnt seem too work so i started too look for more detailed guides on the internet.

i came across this youtube video YouTube - Port forwarding on the DG834G and did everything it said once id completed the steps i went too too test my port and it was closed.
Error: I could not see your service on xx.x.xx.xx on port (43594)
Reason: Connection timed out

that is what told me.

id also like too add i think my problem may lie with my laptop not being directly connected too the router, would this change any steps in the youtube video above?

ive also upraded my routers firmware, no luck, so this is my last hope can someone please respond?

thanks alot for reading.

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Do you have UPnP enabled? NAT enabled?

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