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Solved PQSERVICE Acer Hidden Partition

Hi! I Have Found A Partition Named PQSERVICE On My Acer Aspire M1641. I Think That This Is The Partition That Restores My Computer To Factory Settings. I Have Changed The HDD And The Partition Is On My Old HDD. Is It Still Recommended To Restore My PC So My Other Data Won`t Be Deleted???????????
Please REPLY!!


Staff member
Hello AlOnan, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Yes, the PQSERVICE partion is use to do a factory restore with to restore the original OS that was on your computer just like when you first turn it on.

If you do not want to keep that partition, then I would at least recommend that you create a set of Acer Vista Recovery Discs to use instead.
  • Open the Acer eRecovery Management program from Start Menu shortcut
  • Click the burn disk button at the bottom
  • Click the create factory default disk button
  • Put a blank DVD in the drive when prompted and follow the remaining on screen instructions

If you would like to keep that partition, then you would need to clone your original hard drive that had it on it using a 3rd party program like the free Macrium Reflect Free Edition, then restore the clone to your new hard drive to restore the PQSERVICE partition on it as well.

Hope this helps,